Togliattiazot is the largest manufacturer of ammonia in Russian Federation

About TOAZ company

Togliattiazot is thought to the one of the most influential manufacturer of ammonia on the territory of the Russian Federation. Obtaining the annual capacity of 3 mln tones, it takes a significant place among the list of three world leaders. Moreover, TOAZ has the leading position among the top manufacturers of the concentrate of urea and carbamide formaldehyde in Russian Federation. The plant, located just outside Togliatti city, which is situated in Samara region, exports its products to more than 120 countries across five continents mainly via the Togliatti-Odessa (Ukraine) ammonia pipeline.

As to the social sphere, TOAZ is a highly responsible company. Up to the present moment it is among the largest taxpayers in the Samara region and provides jobs to over 4,000 residents of Togliatti itself as well as the surrounding territory. The most significant investment project developed by TOAZ is represented by the construction of the transshipment complex for ammonia, carbamide and other commercial cargo in the Taman Black Sea seaport in southern Russia, the Krasnodar district.

In the frames of the social responsibility of the corporation in this region TOAZ invests into social infrastructure, by building a gas-distributing station in Temryuk District, a gas pipeline to a local village, a railway station as well as residential homes for the employees. TOAZ expects that the launch of the complex will positively affect the employment and economic situation in the area.


The primary investment project that Togliattiazot has been nursing during the last several years is the construction of an ammonia and carbamide transshipment terminal at the Taman seaport in Krasnodar Territory in southern Russia, onshore the Black Sea.

This will become the first terminal of this class in Russia and its uniqueness makes it a priority on a state level. The launch into operation of the terminal will help rechanneling of the ammonia export flows from the seaports abroad to Russia, ensuring independence of the Russian chemical producers.

The construction of the TOAZ terminal is part of a larger plan to develop the Taman seaport in line with the State program titled “Development of the transport system of Russia (2010–2021)”.

TOAZ terminal


The program is designed to upgrade the entire transport infrastructure of Russia, including highways, airports, air traffic systems, sea terminals. It includes several large-scale projects, including the integrated development of the Novorossiysk transport hub, the construction and reconstruction of the M-29 Kavkaz highway, the reconstruction and development of the airfield of Krasnodar Airport.

Setup of the Taman port is part of the Roadmap for the Development of Sea Ports in the Azov-Black Sea Basin until 2020 approved by the Russian government. Among works to be completed by 2020 are the construction of the port railway station, reconstruction of an existing railway station and building other access facilities. Also part of the plan is creation of the dry-cargo area, which requires investments amounting to as much as 228 bln rubles. Financing will be partially sourced from the commercial companies and the state budget.

TOAZ has earmarked 14 bln rubles of its own funds in investments into the ammonia and carbamide terminal. To this date TOAZ has completed onsite construction of an ammonia storage and cooling terminal with isothermal storage tanks and a compressor station, product pipelines, necessary infrastructure facilities, cargo berths, and a specialized pier rack protruding into the sea for 2.5 km, to deliver ammonia and carbamide for loading on vessels.

TOAZ seaport

There was a period when TOAZ was forced to halt works in the seaport, due to reasons not linked to the company activities, but in 2017 the resumption became possible. Following the stand-by TOAZ had to restart engineering and exploration surveys as well as prepare new project documents and obtain approvals, assessments and permissions from authorities and responsible organizations. A milestone document – the Project for territory planning project - was approved in December 2018 by Rosmorrechflot (Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport).

The terminal estimated traffic may amount to 2 mln tons of ammonia and 3 mln tons of carbamide annually which would perfectly fit the need of the plant in transshipment volumes, that taking into account the future growth plans. Main delivery options are rail or partial transit via the Russian section of the Togliatti-Odessa pipeline. Commissioning of the Stage 1 and 2 of the complex is scheduled in 2020. The management of TOAZ is eyeing an option to build the third stage in the future to boost cargo traffic to up to 13 mln tons annually.

It is expected that ammonia and carbamide produced by TOAZ will be shipped via the Taman to most of its foreign consumers located on 5 continents. Other fertilizer producers will also be able to take advantage of the capacity of the terminal and thus gain additional competitive advantages in the global market.



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